DiOrios Supermarket
"Small Town Hospitality
Big Town Atmosphere"
Curbside Pickup
2938 NY-28
Old Forge, NY 13420
(315) 369-3131

About Us

The History of DiOrio’s Supermarket

DiOrio’s Supermarket has been a family owned business since 1976. We started coming to Old Forge as summer residents in 1972. Our neighbor, Bill Rivet, who was a Real Estate Agent at the time, came to us with a business opportunity. He suggested we buy the grocery store that was for sale. Our first response was “we know nothing about the grocery business”. At the time Marie was a cook at her family restaurant and Don worked for the State as a Safety Inspector. Bill said “how hard can it be, if there is a hole on the shelf, you order it and when it comes in you put it on the shelf”. The sales “pitch” worked because here we are 48 years later. By the way, his concept wasn’t quite accurate.

Our first location was on “Busy Corner” next to the Old Forge Hardware; we were there for 20 years. We tried everything to expand our business in that building, but we simply outgrew it over the years. There were many changes and remodels throughout the 20 years, with the main objective being increasing sales. We finally came to the realization that we needed to build somewhere new with a bigger building. We began building our new store and opened in June 1996. Less than 10 years later, Don went back to the drawing board in 2005 and we put on an addition to establish our current layout.

Over the years we have built our business on one standard principle, customer service. We pride ourselves in what we offer our customers. We also believe that we need to give back to our community and be involved and support our customers and the Town of Webb. Our goal is to keep up with technology and keep our family values in place as we go forward in the future.