DiOrios Supermarket
"Small Town Hospitality
Big Town Atmosphere"
Curbside Pickup
2938 NY-28
Old Forge, NY 13420
(315) 369-3131

Frozen Foods

Our Frozen Department is stocked with a variety of products. We have Ice Cream by Ben & Jerry's, Edy's, Gifford's, Bryers Ice Cream & Gelato, Hershey, IGA, Friendly's, Lactaid and Skinny Cow. We carry a wide selection of Entrees and Dinners by Stouffers, Marie Callenders, Healthy Choice, Banquet, and Swansons. We Carry Udi's Gluten Free Muffins, Cookies, Bagels, Breads, Hot Dog & Hamburger Rolls, as well as Ezekiel Food for life Breads. You'll also find a variety of vegetables, pies, cakes and pizzas.